How to Submit Worklets and API Scripts

You can create your own Worklets and API scripts and submit them to the Automox Community! Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Once you have created your new Worklet or API script, log into the Automox Community.
  2. Create a new post in the appropriate group:
  3. Give your new post a title, and add a brief description of what your worklet or API script does.
  4. Select the Code option from the menu (under the 3 dots) to create a code block in your post.
    • For Worklets, you will need to use 2 code blocks. One for the evaluation code, the other for the remediation code.
  5. Once you're sure that you've got everything you need in your post, submit it. Your worklet or script will then be submitted for review by our team.


Worklets and API scripts submitted to the community are reviewed, to ensure that they function properly and that there is no malicious code, before they are posted to the community. If you do not see your post right away, it is likely under review.