Welcome to the Worklet Development Kit (WDK)!


Welcome to the Automox Worklet Development Kit (WDK) developer docs!

Below, we'll dive into:

  • An overview of what WDK is
  • The value WDK can provide to your organization
  • How to implement WDK capability

What is WDK?

WDK, at the most basic level, is a PowerShell module designed, deployed & maintained by the Automox team.

This module is designed with four major points of focus:

  • Eliminating PowerShell, C# and other programming language knowledge barriers to achieving complex outcomes.
  • Creating a consistent and intuitive expectation of code execution
    • Example: consistent definition of what constitutes a terminating error
  • Eliminating copy/paste recycling of frequently implemented "boilerplate" code.
  • Infusing all of the above with raw programmatic and cybersecurity best-practices, where possible.

What Value does WDK Offer?

WDK offers the ability to:

  • Accelerate workplace automation development
  • Broaden horizons of what can be achieved through workplace automation, regardless of programming experience
  • Achieve the above with the added peace of mind that this functionality is produced by the Automox team through processes, both manual and automated, designed to thoroughly test, vet, scrutinize and enforce both raw functionality and secure design.

How can I Implement WDK Capability?

The automated deployment processes implemented for WDK make its functionality available to any and all Windows Worklets with no manual steps required, other than simply calling the function.

We recommend reviewing our Getting Started page to review sample function implementation.